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https://stmarychurchbridge.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/St.Mary_.jpghttps://stmarychurchbridge.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/St.Mary_.jpgAbout Our Church

Saint. Mary Parish, Churchbridge was established January 19th, 1967 under the leadership of Fr. Dorian. The first mass was held in the Concordia Lutheran Church on February 25th, 1968. A rental agreement had been made with Concordia for the use of the church for weekly mass and occasional meetings. This agreement was in effect until 1975.

Under the supervision of Father Veltman, plans were made to buy a building.

The Stephen’s Plumbing Shop was purchased and renovated to use as a church. The first mass was held there in 1975.

As the parish membership increased,

it soon outgrew the small confines of the building.

In 1981, a lot was purchased and that fall, under the supervision of Fr. Norm Marcotte, the building started. Sveinbjornson Construction and a great deal of volunteer labor completed the church in 1982. The first mass was held on August 1st and the official blessing took place on October 4th of the same year.

Since 1982, there have been many improvements made to St. Church.

The basement was completed and a kitchen area and cupboards were built.

The floor was carpeted and catechism rooms were built. An organ and a piano were purchased and a sound system was installed and later upgraded.

The Catholic Women’s League, formed May 19th, 1965, before the church was built, was instrumental in the formation of St. Mary’s Parish.

The CWL continues to be active and has contributed greatly to its growth and development.

Those who have served since 1985:

‎Fr. Ed Hengen:                     1985 – 1988

Fr. Gene Schaffer:               1988 – 1994

Fr. Rick Krofchek:    ‎            1994 – 1999  ‎

Fr. John B. Okai:                  1999 – 2000

Fr. Nicholas Poratalur:        2000 – 2001

Fr. Brad Fahlman:                2001 – 2003

Fr. Peter Nwanekezie:        ‎2003 – 2005

Fr. Hector Seville:                2005 – 2011

Fr. Anthony Bruno:              2011 – 2017

Fr. Paul Mau Nguyen:         2017 – present






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